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Great App

Please add landscape mode for 5th star!

“Type” not “text”

I think that a lot of these people writing the review are not understanding what its for. Lets review the title, “type n walk” meaning you can type whatever you want while walking. It does not say “text n walk” or “text message n walk” it was not designed to send only a message, but it has that capability to do so. Its not perfect, but what did you expect from a small developer of apps. Great idea, ok deployment. I would rate this a 3.5 if I could.

Worst dollar I ever spent

You can type which gets you distracted and then you need to open messages to actually send it

I always read reviews....

I lost .99 for not reading into this. Very misleading app. Once you're done with text you must look through ur phone book, defeating the apps purpose.

Worst App Ever

DO NOT BUY THIS!!!! All it is is typing. No texting. If you want to send the message it transfers the text to Messaging which is useless


I bought this against my better judgment. A waste. You can type and get distracted by where you are walking but you won't see the car that's about to hit you. And you'll definitely get hit as you shift over to messaging to send your text and you have to look up the person thru your contacts. %#}£ Splat! Bang!!! Boom!!! 😕. Yikes!


This is so pointless and not worth buy. You can't us it to text someone without the app closing and going into messaging. Only useful if you need to take notes while walking which many people don't. Don't get this app.


This app does not incorporate into your usual messaging platforms. Useless.

Waste of money

You have to type and then find where to send it. Don't waste your money 😒

Annoying to tell the text where to go

Would be great if it was possible to use it as the actual text app..

Typing without running into stuff

Im here thanks to iFunny

Useless can't text with camera

Who would get this if they can't text and "walk" while the app is on, it exits to and brings up the message app

Great potential

Great idea, but if it's going to take off they will have to figure out a way to send messages from within app.

best app ever



If it wasn't for ifunny I would of never found this.

Not as good as it looks

It is a great Idea but when you are done typing or texting then you have to choose to either send as a text message or to face book or Twitter. Which kind of makes the app pointless. Not worth the $.99

Came from iFunny

Worth the 99 cent just to be able to walk around texting. It's just more fun than anything. If you have high expectations then move along- but if you're looking for something fun, the a it's worth it.


Just saw it on ifunny. Gonna try it out!


Who else came here from iFunny? (;

Rip off

What they don't tell you is that when you are typing u can see but when you want to send the message it doesn't let you see through anymore


I saw it on ifunny so i downloaded it

See through the phone!

This app gives the effect that the phone screen is like glass that you can see right through. It looks like they blur it a little too to help the words stand out more, kind of like a little hint of frosted glass. It works great and I hope it saves me from future mishaps.

Great app

I love this app but I have a suggestion. I use multiple Twitter accounts for work and personal reasons and I would like a way to post to multiple accounts. I can’t be the only person who wants this right?

Great concept

You still have to open your non see through apps to send the text. Wish this was an option through mms/sms.

Needs some work

It's a cool concept, but it needs better integration with iMessage. If I have to switch apps to actually send what I wrote for each text, that kind of defeats the purpose...

Waste of money!dont waste your time.

This app is very misleading.Works only within app.U cant run it in bbm,what's app,iMessage ,email,viber.

What they don't tell you!

You type the text, THEN choose what u want it to be sent to or as: SMS,Facebook,Twitter Ect. THEN you choose the contact if it's a SMS. So... overall pointless! Still a little cool to text with being able to see what's in front of you.


Do NOT get this app! It is a waste of time and money. It is falsely advertised and stupid. You have to go through to the app itself and can't see the previous conversation.


Don't get


I thought I'd have a conversation on the transparent screen but you don't you have to individually send them which is such a pain I suggest fix that it don't buy the app

Great app

Awesome product - worth the $0.99. Def can type and walk without worrying about bumping or stepping into crap. Suggestions to make better: Siri-enabled.


I love this app a will never bump in to I wall again !!!!! YAY👍👍👍👍


It's very good for iPod ❤❤

Great app and responsive developers

After playing with this cool app, my mind started coming up with even cooler new ideas for it. I sent my ideas and suggestions to the developer and they told me that I had good ideas but unfortunately they would require the use of "private api's" that Apple doesn't allow developers to use. So kudos for the great app and also for taking the time to respond with a thoughtful and detailed explanation.


It's amazing

I use this daily

I originally bought this because of the cool idea but it's turned out to be much more useful than I thought. This app is the quickest way to jot something down and then decide where to send it later. The only thing missing for me is the option to print.


U can't type and look at the road and stuff because your focuses on typing!


it really does work! it comes just as you would expect it to!

Is great but it just need to have the option to send it to FB



Only if you could make it like the real text so Atleast it doesn't go to the text and if you could see before text n after text like real text it would make it five star

Helpful app

Since you can see right through it because it's transparent, it save you from having to constantly look up from the iPhone. It's much more convenient and probably safer too.

Landscape keyboard

I mainly use this in landscape mode because I have big fingers and I find the larger landscape keyboard more comfortable to type on. The thing is that this app uses the camera to generate the transparent screen effect but when you hold the phone in landscape mode, you have to be extra careful not to block the camera with your fingers or else you will only see a black screen. I wish the camera was located in the center of the phone and not at the corner. It's a good app so definitely get it but just be more careful if you prefer typing in landscape mode.

No more options

It dosent support many App. I lost my money :(


Yeah make it so you can type it as a real message.....and yeah

Works great!

My old phone had a physical keyboard so I could touch type without looking at the screen but that is not possible on a touch screen only phone. This app is the best solution and it works great with a little practice.


You should make it to where you can open the app with a button from the message you want to reply to or at least show one previous message it'd make it a Five for sure

Awesome !

Now I can text and still see the road while I'm driving ! Finally a safe solution !!!

Cool app! But needs facebook

This is a genius idea and a great app, but there's a few other apps that are free AND include Facebook, which is nice. However, not having ads on this app is a bonus. Overall, pretty cool, but please add Facebook integration for non-twitter users!


Everyone here on campus uses this app. I'm not kidding. It's perfect for a quick text when I'm heading to my next class or we're going to meet up somewhere. I don't email that much so I can't comment much about that feature but it's there if you need it I guess. I mostly text and tweet and it's perfect for that.


It's interesting but I don't like how you can only use that on the app. Not that much fun. I wouldn't have bought it had I known that. :/


Usually when I type, I have to keep looking up. Now, I can see wherever I go!! This is handy dandy! I especially like how you can send it straight to Twitter! This is a smart idea!! Totally good app!! Definitely recommend!

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