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okay, aber ausbaufähig

Actually a good idea (was it yours?), but I miss some features e.g. landscape writing and maybe a button to launch mail and automatically paste the written text.


Whats App .... Bedingt sinnvoll !


I want a refund please !!

Charge the dollar when...

You make it compatible in facebook and SMS texting without having to copy and paste

Could be better.

I dont mind the copying and pasting so much. I just prefer to turn my iPhone on its side to use the expanded keyboard and this app does not support that function.

Poor app

Your idea are good but your app are poor

Illegal for driving but works good

Pretty cool for driving hahah gotta make it compatible with landscape mode too.. Not bad tho

Works very well

This app works very well and I really enjoy being able to see what I am no longer walking into. However, this is essentially useless when walking at night or in a dark room. I hope to see an option to toggle the flash on/off on the iPhone 4/4S. Good job! :o)

This is so clever

This is the smartest idea ever!

Does the job

This app functions well for typing long messages and emails while on the go. However, it would be nice to have it integrated in SMS settings.

A very good idea.



Useful & Clever. good for a dollar price.

Cool concept but not practical

Tried this app out yesterday while walking around the city and it really didnt make a big difference. The idea is really neat but you only see what is right in front of you so the chances of you avoiding things are not that high. Things above you or on the side wont be seen. I find that my periphery vision is much better at detecting things. This app has its own screen where you type. When you finish typing you can select where to send the text such as email, SMS, tweet, etc...

My go-to app

I have this on my home screen because I use it all the time. The transparency comes in very handy in a variety of situations. The only minor hitch is selecting the recipient when texting. Improve that and I will give you 5 stars.


Usually when I type, I have to keep looking up. Now, I can see wherever I go!! This is handy dandy! I especially like how you can send it straight to Twitter! This is a smart idea!! Totally good app!! Definitely recommend!


Its interesting but I dont like how you can only use that on the app. Not that much fun. I wouldnt have bought it had I known that. :/


Everyone here on campus uses this app. Im not kidding. Its perfect for a quick text when Im heading to my next class or were going to meet up somewhere. I dont email that much so I cant comment much about that feature but its there if you need it I guess. I mostly text and tweet and its perfect for that.

Cool app! But needs facebook

This is a genius idea and a great app, but theres a few other apps that are free AND include Facebook, which is nice. However, not having ads on this app is a bonus. Overall, pretty cool, but please add Facebook integration for non-twitter users!

Awesome !

Now I can text and still see the road while Im driving ! Finally a safe solution !!!


You should make it to where you can open the app with a button from the message you want to reply to or at least show one previous message itd make it a Five for sure

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